Week 4: Students Display their Learning Using NewsELA and SeeSaw.

This week, students worked completed their ELA assignments on SeeSaw and NewsELA. SeeSaw is a class favorite site. It is interactive, allows students to be creative, gives them choice and voice, and allows students to view eachothers work and comment on their learning. NewsELA is a site that has current events and articles that students are interested in. It allows for critical thinking and helps students see what is happening in the lives of students all over the world.

In class we are reading the book Lemonade Wars and our vocabulary lessons revolve around the text. Using SeeSaw, students chose which word they wanted to explain and completed the online graphic organizer. When they were done, they made a recording of themselves explaining their learning.

In NewsELA, students read an article about how a company based out of South Africa wants to use insects to replace many dairy products. They read the article, highlighted the main idea and key details, and wrote a paragraph summarizing the article.  When they were done, they were able to post into their blog.


Students learned how to embed content into a post, how to create a link to their work, how to use a QR code, digital creative tools, recording their learning and creating an auidio file, adding a widget to their blog, adding a plug-in to their HTML, getting images from Pixabay and Creative Commons.

Here are a couple of examples, but please click on as many students as you can to see their awesome work!