Welcome to Week 7!

Wow! I can’t believe that there are only 3 weeks left in the challenge! You have come so far and have learned so much, I am so proud of you! 

Week 7 is all about celebrations and festivities! Some of us will be celecbtating different holidays over the next few months and this is a grest opportunity to let us see what you celebrate and how with your family.  We have some students in our class that don’t celebrate holidays, but do have special religious traditions that they are going to share with us! Here is where you get to add your URL and comment on others posts. To comment on other bloggers, go to week 7.

Welcome to Week 5!

Welcome to Week 5!  Please click on the link to week 5 and read about copyrighted music and where you can find free music for you to use in your posts. When you finish, upload your URL into the google form and comment on other blogs. 

*Remember, when you comment on other students’ blogs, leave your URL so they can comment back to you!

Week 5 of the STUBC is about music. There are 8 tasks to choose from