Literature Circle-Day 1


Our first Literature Circle was a blast! It went better than I possibly could have imagined. Each student had a job that they were responsible for, Dictionary Detective, Literary Luminary, Super Summarizer, Artful Artist, Passage Predicter, Group Leader. I met with each group over the course of the week and helped them prepare for the literature circle. We practiced asking questions, sharing our thoughts, and explaining our job to the group. Students were nervous, they were afraid that they were going to mess up and let their teams down even though I assured them that as long as they contributed and did their best, they would do great! When the time came, they rose to the challenge and were brilliant! The group leaders did an amazing job facilitating discussions, they were collaborative, and they were able to dig deeper as they listened to others share. I couldn’t be more pleased!

Starbooks Sip & See: Literature Circles



Starbooks Sip & See! This was our first Sip & See for our Literature Circle unit. The class was decorated with green table cloths, we put green curtains in the windows, and had their menus, seating cards, books and pencils ready for them when they walked in. Students read the first couple of pages of four different books, Sideways Stories of Wayside School, Percy Jackson: Lightning Theif, Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, and Out of My Mind. Students wrote down a brief summary and rated the books by their preference. I went through their preferences and grouped students according to their choices. Almost everyone is going to read either their first or second choice.