Useful Links

These links will be used for several different projects that we will be doing throughout the year. These projects will be displayed on our class blogs.

Classcraft– Classcraft is where I post all of our lessons for both math and ELA. Once you complete an original piece of work, post it to your blog!

SeeSaw- You need the QR Code or I have to send you the link. It can’t be posted on social media.

Flipgrid Use Flipgrid to participate in collaborative discussions and post your work.

Kahoot  Create a Kahoot for the classroom and add the link to your blog.

Thinglink Use ThingLink to creat 3D projects for book reports, vocabulary, geography etc.

Prezi  Use this like Google Slides and Powerpoint, but its 3d not linear

Padlet We will be using Padlet for collaborative projects, it is digital post-its

Makebeliefcomix– Create comic books using new learning

Blog Invitation