About Us

To my Students:

Welcome to our classroom blog!  This year you are in for a treat! We are going to be blogging EVERYTHING! What do this mean you ask?? Well, first off, we are going to be blogging our learning, our thoughts, our opinions. We are going to be posting our projects, our Google Slides, our You Tubes, and our artwork. We are going to be learning how to screencast and skype with other students across the country…maybe even the world!  This is where you demonstrate your mastery, document your learning, and communicate YOUR ideas!  Don’t worry, we are all in this together!

To the World:

Welcome to our class blog!  We are so excited that you are viewing our page!  We are group 4th and 5th  grade students Smiley’s class in TemeculaCalifornia.  Our goal is to share our learning while learning from eachother. We will be participating in Edublogs Student Blogging Challenge for the 2019-2020 school year, we hope to connect with your class so please feel free to leave comment!

Where is Temecula? Temecula is a suburb conveniently located half way between San Diego and Los Angeles in Southern California. Our city is only 30 years old, but it has a population of over 100,000 people.  We are also know as “the wine country” because we have over 40 wineries. Temecula also has a large tourism industry due to the wineries, hot air balloons, Old Town, and the Pechanga Casino.